Why choose a high-end shot blasting machine?

Our shot blasting machine technology is leading the world, especially in the field of high-end shot blasting machine, leading in Asia.

Process and technology are related to product service life, use cost, work efficiency and maintenance cost.

◎   Application of European shot blasting machine technology, independent technology research and development, 3 national invention patents.

◎   The 15-75Kw high-end blast wheel was successfully developed and won the national invention patent and exported to Germany and the United States.

◎   High-end shot blasting machine saves power, high efficiency, low failure rate and stability.

◎   Group strategic partners such as China Construction Steel Structure and Hangxiao Steel Structure and etc.

◎   ThyssenKrupp's strategic partner

◎   Shortest downtime to increase your productivity, and has the better shot blast mode.

◎   Bring a healthier working environment and adapt to a tougher working environment.

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